This could be an entire website on its own!

I’ll try and keep it simple. The thing to keep in mind is that anything you rub on the paint will scratch it unless you’re very very careful. You might not notice it straight away but over time these will build up and the paint will lose a lot of its shine.​

1. Throw away the plastic brush that fits on the end of the hose, your paint hates it! While you’re at it, let’s relegate that crusty old chamois to wheel and interior cleaning duties only.

2. You need a grit guard to put in the bottom of your bucket so that your cloths aren’t picking up dirt from the bottom of the bucket.

3. You need a microfibre noodle mitt to wash with and you need a microfibre drying towel to dry the car with.

4. You need a good quality car shampoo (not dishwashing liquid, it’s way too harsh)

5. Wash in the shade if you can.

Hose the car off first to remove loose debris and dirt, then start with the wheels and tires. If you splash wheel cleaners or dirt onto your vehicle, you can simply wash it off as you wash your vehicle. Use a cleaner that is appropriate for the wheels on your car.

Then begin washing the vehicle. Wash from the top down. Remember that the lower panels are dirtiest. You don’t want to transfer grit to the top half of the vehicle. Rinse your sponge often to prevent cross-contamination. Rinse your vehicle frequently as you work, especially in hot weather.

Never skip drying! Drying your vehicle after washing is necessary to prevent water spots. Microfibre drying towels are the best way to dry without putting swirl marks in. And yes, because I know you’re wondering, I have all these products available for sale (at much better prices than your local cheap auto store)