Triumph TR3a

This fantastic little car received a complete ground up rebuild. It arrived in lots, (and lots!) of pieces and required attention to every single part of the car. Some work was done to it 20 yrs ago but we media blasted it back to bare metal to be sure of what we were working with. Then we rebuilt all the mechanical systems in conjunction with the body and paintwork. It drove out the doors into the loving arms of its happy owner.

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Project Status & Gallery

It’s all finished! Lot of blood sweat and tears in this one but what a feeling to see it looking like this. It came a long way!

Getting close to the final stages now! Lots of reassembly going on.

It’s always such a big step to get the car in colour. This is PPG clear over base in original Triumph Connaught Green. The next step will be to sand and polish it ready for assembly.

Rust repairs done and hours of bodywork and sanding complete to get to this stage. The car’s in primer and looking straight.

The rust repairs continue. Most of these little patch panels are made by a combination of the English wheel, Bead Roller, Shrinker/Stretcher, benders and folders and more. And sometimes I just hammer them out on a wooden stump! Don’t laugh, it’s how lots of Ferraris were made…

I chose to hand strip the hanging panels as they had too much filler to be able to be safely media blasted. So lot’s of paint stripping and then priming. Plus painting all the little bits needed and also getting the original fasteners re plated. It’s nice to keep as much of the original car as possible.

Once it’s blasted it’s imperative to get it into epoxy primer as soon as possible before it flash rusts. The chassis was painted in the correct gloss black at the same time. Then it’s time to start the rust repairs.

The first step was to get it blasted, blasting or dipping is the only way to really know what you’re dealing with under all the primer, underseal and rust. In this case, as usual there’s some pretty nasty stuff to deal with. But deal with it we will.

Here it is as it arrived in boxes.