This is going to be a fantastic project. The full build is being done in house. It will be a full concours spec build with some possible modifications such as a supercharger and 5 speed box. This car is going to get driven! Stay tuned, this will be worth watching!

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Project Status & Gallery

The chassis and engine is back, body is fitted, chrome, glass and wiring done. It’s ready for trimming, final tuning and then the usual debugging before the owner can start enjoying it.

The painting is finished and we’re well under way with the assembly. The finish line is almost in sight! All the body colour parts have been painted. The body tub has has as much assembly as we can do at this stage, the wiring loom is in place as is much of the electrical system.

The chassis has been bought up to a rolling stage and sent off to have a very special motor built up for it. Once that get back we can fit the body and prepare for trimming.

Many many hours of sanding and filling later it’s time to get to the fun stuff and start applying colour. All panels are seam sealed, stone guarded where required, sealed with epoxy and then given given 2 – 5 coats (depending on location) of PPG single stage colour in factory Chariot red. The painting process will be a fairly long one with lots of pieces and parts to be painted red. At the same time the chassis was sent out for blasting and then sealed in epoxy and painted gloss black.

The bodywork and filler stages are so time consuming but so important to get right. It’s critical to get the car as straight as possible to get those beautiful reflections we want to see. There’s multiple stages of filler, polyester primer and high fill urethane primer involved before it’s time to move on.

Once the chassis was repaired it was mounted to the Demeller table so that the body could be attached to do the sill replacement. As you can see from the level we like to be as accurate as possible! Using the chassis as a jig allowed us to get the door gaps we want for this car. The doors were de skinned to clean the frames up properly and prime inside the joins. Then all of the outer panels were fitted and filed up ready for the next stage of bodywork. Once the metal was cleaned and prepped it was all sealed up with epoxy primer ready to move on with the filer work. Plus lots more bits and bobs were cleaned up and painted as we went.

There were multiple rust repairs required to the body as well as the chassis. Unfortunately the chassis had been very poorly repaired from a past accident and required a lot of work to the front crossmember and suspension mounts to correct this. These pics are just a tiny fraction of the work that was done.

There’s always lots of small parts to be blasted and painted. Plus we’ve painted up some colour samples. Oh, and the new grille arrived. We need this early on so that it can be fitted to the body in the metalwork stages.

We hand stripped the outer surfaces of the body shell so that the media blasting had no chance of ruining the panels. There was a lot of filler and unfortunately a lot of both old accident damage and poor previous restoration work. We have a lot of work ahead of us… Once it was all bare metal it was epoxy primed to seal up all the metal.

We’ve gotten stuck in and started stripping it down. It’s not like tv, it takes a long time with lots of photos taken to document everything and lots of note taking, labelling and carefully bagging all the original fasteners. Once the chassis was stripped down we mounted it to the Demmeler table for accurate measuring. As you can see, we like to get things as accurate as possible! Sadly the chassis is very bent from a previous accident and will need some serious work to get it straight again. We’ve also sorted out which bits will be re chromed and which will be replaced. We prefer to re chrome original bits where possible but sometimes it’s more practical to just buy new parts.

For a change this one drove into the shop instead of turning up on a trailer! It’s acually got a pretty cool patina but we’re gonna get rid of that real quick! It seems like a fairly solid car but we’ll see.