Blue Swallow Doretti

This is a sister car to the Maroon one we completed previously. It received a lot of attention to the aluminium body to achieve good panel fitment before a concours spec respray in a custom medium blue metallic. This car placed very highly in several concours competitions.

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Project Status & Gallery

Then it was time for lots of sanding and buffing. Everything that leaves the shop is colour sanded and buffed, it’s the only way to get that very flat, highly reflective look. Then the very happy owner got to collect it and start putting all the shiny bits on.

After days and days of careful blocking it was time to get it into the booth, very carefully mask it up and make it turn blue. I’m so happy with how this colour turned out, it was a custom colour mixed here inhouse and I’m delighted with it!

Once we had some good gaps all over the car it was very carefully prepared, always a must with aluminium! then put into polyester primer before a lot of blocking a bodywork before being painted with high fill urethane primer. Next step is to finalise all the gaps then prep the jambs etc and start applying some colour.

The car is in reasonable shape for it’s age but it needed a lot of fiddling, welding up the myriad of extraneous holes, Setting gaps to be vaguely correct, making door handle holes the correct size, fixing bonnet hinge points etc.