Austin Healey Sprite

This Bugeye Sprite had quite a bit of bodywork done by someone else previously. We finished that off, engineered a bonnet hinging and latching system including reshaping and re enforcing the fibreglass bonnet and gave it a respray in a rare shade of Rhiems blue using PPG single stage paint.

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Project Status & Gallery

It looks so simple and quick here but after hundreds of hours of sanding and repriming it was time to get it into the booth, mask it up and paint it. Such a great feeling after so long! After a good cut and buff, put it together and stand back and admire. Easy…

Took a break from bodywork to get the wheels blasted and give them and the windscreen pillars a coat of colour. Then it’s very exciting as I get to seam seal, prime, stone guard and paint the underside in colour! Feels great to see colour after sooo many hours.

I finally got to the end of the metalwork so it was time to clean up the metal to prepare it for epoxy primer. I like to seal off the metal before doing any filler work, it helps to avoid any issues with corrosion under the the filler. Then it was time to fit the doors and set the gaps, a very time consuming but extremely important process. That was followed by lots of bodywork before it went back in the booth for another coat of epoxy to seal off all the work done up to now.

It couldn’t be put off any longer, time for some serious cutting, grinding and welding! It’s basically a never ending process of cutting out the rusty metal and replacing it with either a hand fabricated patch or a pre made replacement panel. I choose whatever will give me the fastest and best result.

A huge amount of rust repair was required. Massive chunks of car have been cut out and replaced with new metal. This is going to be almost a whole new Bugeye! I started off by picking some low hanging fruit and cleaning, prepping and painting some bits before getting into the really dirty work.

The newest project in the shop. This is a family owned car it’s whole life and is here to be bought back to it’s former glory. It’ll need lots of the usual rust repairs and a whole bunch of new metal before being painted in it’s original Old English White. It’s going to be a stunner when it’s done!