Austin Healey Sprite MK4

This was an exciting project. Mark 4 Sprites are rare and this one received a concours spec rebuild. Painted in it’s factory Mineral Blue it’s a gorgeous car!

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Project Status & Gallery

It’s always nice to start painting some shiny bits!

Many many hours of very careful blocking, application of primer and filler and then more blocking is required to get the level of finish we’re after. So exciting to see the shiny blue going on those straight panels. PPG single stage two pack paint as usual.

It’s very exciting when the metalwork is finished and it’s time to get it in the booth and seal all that new metal up in epoxy primer. The interior and underneath was stone guarded and painted in colour ready for some very careful lining up of panels before the bodywork starts.

The amount of metalwork on this car is absolutely epic! It’s been quite hard to cull the pics down, what’s shown here is only a fraction of the repairs involved. As you can see, there’s a lot of little hand fabricated patches as well as full replacements and we try and seal everything up with either brushed on paint or weld through primer, depending on the situation.

It’s always nice to start painting some shiny bits!

I’ve been pretty busy on the Sprite. Sadly it was in very poor condition when it came out of the acid bath. A lot of rust and a lot of pretty poor older repairs. We’ve ordered a whole bunch of replacement panels and gotten stuck into cutting all the nasty old stuff out and replacing it with new metal.

So the body tub has come back from its day spa at the chemical dippers. Sadly it’s not as nice as we were hoping, in fact, it’s pretty rough… We have a massive order of replacement panels coming from Colin Dodds at Spriteparts and there’s a lot of cutting and welding in my future!

Unfortunately it’s had a typical amateur restoration. I don’t like to be critical, everybody does their best, but this is not the way to do things. There’s a lot of overlapped panels just tacked over rust and some pretty nasty welding. We’ll make it better.

I have the hanging panels here while the body is being stripped and chemically dipped. We started off by paint stripping them, uncovering a bit of filler and a few areas that needed attention. Fixed those, got the panels into primer and started body working them..