1969 Triumph TR6

This 1969 TR6 is in for a full bodywork restoration and respray in it’s original Royal Blue. A very solid car to start with this will be a fantastic car when it’s finished.

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Project Status & Gallery

This car ended up being a very difficult project but the finished result is very gratifying. Our usual sand and polish routine was applied to the finished panels before it was carefully assembled ready to go home for the owner to finish the assembly.

After lots of careful seam sealing and prepping it’s time for more colour. Got the rest of the tub and most of the remaining hanging panels in colour as well as all the hinges. Just the outside of the guards and the blackouts on the tub to go. Getting close to the finish line now.

Always fun to put the shiny stuff on! We’ve painted The underside of the tub and the boot, boonet, hard top and window frame. I love this colour! We’re using PPG clear over base for this job and it’s looking fantastic. The body itself is getting very close to paint, just tidying up the inside bits before a final block of the outside. Cant wait to see it all done.

We’re onto the bodywork phase now. Having sealed all the metalwork in epoxy it’s onto the usual hours and hours of sanding. Using lots of tape and splines to get really crisp edges and lines. Possibly getting to the border line of over restoring it but our standards have become so much higher from seeing modern cars that if we built it like the factory did we’d be accused of doing a dud job!

The media blasting is a cruel mistress and even a car a solid as this one had quite a few issues that were uncovered. We sorted those out and also redid some previous floor repairs that weren’t quite up to standard. Then while it was upside down we prepped and seam sealed the underside ready for paint.

All bare metal was epoxy primed before we start the bodywork phase. Lots of brackets were blasted and painted in 2 pack gloss black as well.

The TR6 has been stripped down, the body tub was blasted and the outer panels chemically dipped. We started hand stripping them but the surface rust had etched into the metal. It’s not worth taking the risk on a job like this of rust starting again under the fresh paint so dipping, although expensive was the best option here. Before the tub was blasted i did some lead loading to sort out a door gap issue. Lead is the best option here as it’s much stronger on an edge than filler.