1964 EH Holden ute

This Aussie classic is in for a full rebuild. To be a driver car it will be built to bring back memories of a much loved family car from the owners childhood.

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Project Status & Gallery

The EH has arrived and we’ve made a start stripping it down and getting the paint off it. This car was chemically stripped by hand. So far it seems to be in reasonable condition, a few maintenance issues to take care of obviously.

As usual, further strip down has revealed some more rust issues so these have been taken care of. New metal welded in place.

We knew that the floor needed work but it turned out to be an even bigger issue than we realised. A lot of fabrication went into this. The only repair panels you can buy are very small so a lot of it was made by hand. As is often the case, the work was made much harder by having to remove old repairs first and then try and work out what it should look like!