1963 Triumph TR4

This 1963 matching numbers, Australian delivered car was given given a complete ground up concours restoration. It’s a stunning car in its Jet Black single stage two pack paint and trimmed in Matador red. It’s a very desirable specced car with a Surrey top roof, heater and overdrive.

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Project Status & Gallery

Minus a few little touches this stunning car is finished! Its such a good looking car and it drives as good as it looks, I’m very proud of the finished result. Untold hours of love and attention were lavished on this car.

I’m on to the trimming now. Lots of Car Builders products went into this car. It should be the most insulated, quietest Triumph TR4 around! There’s reflective heat shield in the transmission tunnel plus sound deadener/heat proofing covering all of the floor with acoustic liner on top of that. It has the added benefit of making the carpet feel much plusher and padded as well as the heat and sound reducing benefits.

A few shots of the painting stages. PPG single stage 2 pack. I like no clear coat, I think it looks a little more authentic and it’s really long lasting.

Starting reassembly and final panel alignment. A lot of Triumphs are quite complicated to assemble, the body construction makes it difficult. It’s worth it to get the good gaps that we’ve come to expect though!

It’s finally in colour! PPG single stage Jet Black

Lots of blocking done to get the car nice and straight for that black paint. Three coats of polyester filler was blocked back and then hi build undercoat used. Getting close to colour now!

Of course the rust repairs needed were more substantial than first thought! They nearly always are…

The TR’s made the long trek over from Perth. It’s been stripped down and assessed. First thing is to do some minor rust repairs and then get that classic body shape nice and straight ready for fresh paint.