Jaguar Mk2

This gorgeous car came in for a bare metal respray. It’s not a complete restoration but a very nice paint job. There’s quite a lot of bubbling in the existing paint so bare metal is the only way to go.

Scroll down to see more of the progress pictures!

Lots of hours gone into the Jag and it’s finally finished and gone off for it’s owner to take car of some trimming and details. We fitted all new rubbers to the doors and windows, fitted front and rear screens with new rubbers, after hours fiddling with the horrible jaguar trims! All the lights, bumpers and chrome were fitted. We also took care of a few wiring issues that were about to cause serious problems. Then it was time for a serious detail and polish. Very happy with this one, it looks just fantastic!

As usual the most fun part is painting it, especially in a colour this gorgeous! It’s had a light sand and buff and we’ve put the doors on. Final assembly next!

Once it was sealed and the epoxy properly dry it was onto the filler work. There’s a lot of work in making a curvy car this size look good! After the filler work it was re sealed in epoxy and given 3 coats of polyester primer, this was then blocked down, again! before finally painting the car with the last lot of primer ready for a final block before colour.

Once we’d gotten all the rust repairs done it was time to thoroughly clean the metal and seal it with epoxy before starting the filler work. I hand fabricated all the rust repair sections for this one, it was quicker than waiting for replacement panels to arrive.

We stripped it by hand with chemical stripper and mechanical sanding. This revealed a little more rust than we were expecting so there’s some rust repair to be done before we go any further.