Datsun 240Z

This is a very exciting project. A pretty rare car, this is actually a pre production model of this Japanese classic. These cars have become very desirable and this one will be receiving a complete build here. It will be going back to it’s original dark green. Stay tuned for updates, there’s going to be plenty to see!

Unfortunately this project didn’t go ahead. After blasting we discovered that the car was in too poor a condition to make a restoration viable. It’s a big shame and very sad but it’s better to pull the plug early rather than pour money into something that ‘s in such poor condition. A combination of extensive rust, very poor previous repairs and some significant accident damage made this the only sensible choice.

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Project Status & Gallery

This is what we’re starting with. There’s quite a lot of work ahead of us. Some rust issues to deal with and I’m sure more will be uncovered by the media blaster. We do have most of the bits so that will be a help.