1938 Bentley

I get excited about all the new projects but I was REALLY excited about this one!! A 1938 Bentley, originally bodied by Park Ward in the UK it was then rebodied in the 60’s by an Australian firm. We were commissioned to do some tidying up of various bits and then repaint it in a darker version of its current red but with black guards and running boards. It ended up absolutely stunning!

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Project Status & Gallery

Time for some very careful reassembly and some serious detailing before we can push it outside and congratulate ourselves on how clever we are!

Once the paint was cured it’s time to cut and buff. Kinda hard to show in pics but it removes all the texture in the paint to get that really flat look with perfect reflections. The first pic is off the gun, pretty good but the reflections look kind of fuzzy, then it’s cut flat with 600grit and worked up to 3000grit, by which time it’s almost shiny again. Then it’s buffed and polished. Doesn’t take any time at all to read but it’s a mammoth amount of work to do to a whole car. The results are worth it though!

Time for the fun stuff! Into the booth to make it shiny. Stunning colour I think.

There’s always lots of detail work as well.Polishing aluminium, repairing broken outings, fixing and paintings running boards, blasting and painting wheels etc.

A lot of sanding went into it to try and get it as straight as possible. It’s a struggle to get everything perfectly flat with a wooden framed vintage car but we got pretty close! Several rounds of primer were used, both Polyester and Urethane. The shiny pics are the panels wetted up with prepsol to check the reflections. Getting close to paint time!

We stripped it to bare metal using a combination of chemical stripper and mechanical sanding. This is the most gentle way to get back to clean steel. Very labour intensive and messy… The metal on the tub was in fantastic condition but the guards were quite rough and will require  lots of metalwork and then some filler. After stripping the metal was very carefully cleaned and prepared before being sealed up with epoxy primer ready for bodywork.

The car seems to be in really amazing condition for its age. It’s clearly been given a lot of love and care in its life. Hopefully we won’t have too much metalwork to do but it’s going to be stripped to bare metal to make sure we start with a solid base for the PPG single stage paint to come later on.